Thursday, 5 September 2013

Steam Update - Trading Offers 5.6.2013. |

Although Dota 2 didn't get is weekly update yet, steam updated it with a really cool feature. The new feature brings a new way/system of trading cars, items and games on the Steam client. If you want to learn more read the whole blog post!

The update of the Steam client was 5.9.2013. (DD/MM/YYYY) and followed by a post from Valve that explains how the the new trading system works. It's like the regular trading system but with new features.
With the Trade Offers system you can propose a trade request when your friend is offline, and you can go into his inventory and search the items you want to trade.

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If you trade with this system for the first time you have a tutorial. When you finish your first trade it will disappear.

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You can view your friends inventory and choose the item you want.

You don't have to trade only Dota 2 items, you can trade other things that are on Steam like: TF3, CS:GO items, Steam cards...

You can change the items at your friends inventory as well.

Before you finish the trade you can leave a message to your friend.

Before you finish the trade you will need to check the boxes like in regular trades. When you do that you will have to click the "Make Trade" button and the trade invite will be sent!

Check it
And as always you will get a box that confirms your trade!

You can preview your offers and cancel them!

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For now, you can trade with your friends but I'm hoping that you will be able to search for items you want to trade and find the players that have them. But it's a good feature that will help the community and its users.