Sunday, 6 October 2013

Something interesting is coming in Dota!

Hey guys,
So there weren't many blog posts here, but there weren't any special news or some "big" patch updates to put it and we are very sorry for that.
But a very interesting news popped up on the forum that will have a HUGE impact on the DotA and Dota 2 community!
More info bellow!

Kunkka Dota 2 Loading screen (hope so)

So, Ice Frog posted a new blog post on the forum. Mentioning that the 5th October is a important day for the DotA history.

Here is the whole post that IceFrog posted on the forum:

Whole note:
"I have some really awesome news I'd like to share with you guys. I am now leading a team at Valve! I finally have all the resources needed to do some very exciting stuff that you guys will love. I look forward to revealing more specific details when the time is right.

My goal and top priority in the future is to solve the surrounding issues that affect the DotA experience in order to allow it to reach new heights. Addressing these issues will enable us to further enjoy aspects of DotA such as the gameplay, mechanics, and in-game feel that currently work well and ought to be maintained. As I've said many times in the past and especially after today's developments, I am very excited about DotA's future!

With regards to the 6.64 patch, the focus will be primarily on more balance improvements. It is moving along very smoothly and I expect to have it ready soon. Once those refinements are done, I'll be working on some fun new content such as heroes or remakes for the 6.65 version. If there are specific things, big or small, you want me to consider for patches that follow, let me know." - IceFrog 2013

Hope to see very special things, till then
Stay tuned!

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