Saturday, 26 October 2013

Dota 2 6.79 Full Update [Video Playlist]

Here is the full update of the Dota 2 6.79 Changes can be seen here:, but you can also see the highlights of the changes on this blog post
More info bellow!

Like I mentioned up, on this blog post you will see videos for the Dota 6.79 changes, but just the highlight changes. Here is the playlist of the videos or you can just open 1 by 1 video bellow - the playlist

1. Can't catch me, BROodmother

2. Vengeful Spirit can BLINK?! 

3. Venomancer Pleague Wards are AWESOME

4. New Enigma Ultimate

5. How The New Linken's Sphere Works

6. Spectre's Ricochet Ulty

7. Brewmasters New Ultimate

8. New Linken's Sphere (Visual)

9. Pudge + Blink Dagger?!

10. Axe's Ulty has no CD!?

11. Skywrath Mage is OP

12. Phantom Assassins Dagger is OP


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