Saturday, 9 November 2013

DotA 6.79 Secret Boss - Possible new Hero!

Hey guys, so the DotA (1) has receved an update (6.79) and is currently in the public testing. You can view the full forum topic here

Just like the title of the blog post said, there is a chance of a new hero, but only in DotA (1). A week ago, the DotA receved an update, but it is still in "public testing". This means that the map isn't officially ready to play and you can test it and submit bugs, suggestions, feedback on the forum.

In the older versions of the DotA maps (6.69 ex.) there was a "secret" boss in the map. In the 6.69 there was Icarus the Phoenix and in the next version of DotA (6.70) he was the new hero, along with Tuskarr

Icarus the Phoenix BOSS 6.69
Now in the newest update (6.79) there seems to be a new "Boss", but there seems to be no riddle for the map at all. You can just go to the bottom right of the map and kill the little creatures and nothing else happens. You can view the "6.79 secret boss" via this link:


  1. In 6.79b there is new boss named Wu Kong

  2. hmmm? then those little creatures might represent the "new hero" of dota 1 ^_^ just an intellectual guess called a hypothesis ^_^