Friday, 22 November 2013

Dota 2 Update - November 21st 2013.

There was a patch updated regarding some model updates, bug fixes, Hero name changes and Diretide balances.
More info bellow!

Hero models and name updates:

- New Venomancer model
- Update to Gyrocopter model
- Update to Axe visuals
- Update to Luna model
- Update to Omniknight colors
- Update to Dazzle model
- Update to Pudge model
- Necrolyte changed to Necrophos
- Windrunner changed to Windranger
- Lycanthrope changed to Lycan
- Updated Necrophos voice processing.
- Bug Fix : Unusual Couriers will properly stop Unusual Effects on death.
- Workshop Fix : Workshop weapon submissions for Abaddon will include materialize/dematerialize settings.
- Added Teammate cooperation survey question

Here is are the full model changes (side by side)


- More Flesh Heap fixes for Diretide
- Cleave no longer affects Roshan in Diretide
- Roshan movement cannot be obstructed during Sugar Rush
- Magic Resistance increase reduced from 10 per level to 5 per level
- Base Magic Resistance increased from 0 to 50%

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