Friday, 31 January 2014

Dota 2 New Bloom Festival Overview | playdotatwo News

The New Blood Festival brought 6.80 Dota 2 patch, 2 New Heroes and a new game mode Random Ability Draft!
More info bellow!

The New Blood Festival brought a large number of update to the Dota 2 client, I will do just a roundup of the most important ones. You can view full changes here:

This mode has been know to almost all of the old DotA players. In this mode you get random spells and you choose and make your own Hero. I really love this mode and this mode will stay in Dota 2 forever.
You can only play this mode in the normal pub games, not in ranked. 

New Dota 2 Themed Map

The map brings a really nice look to the whole game and I personally really like it.
Some screenshots of the map

You can choose this themed map in the PREFERENCES tab by clicking on the "Themed Map" button.


A well known Hero to all of the DotA players and finally in Dota 2!

Cannot be picked in CM. You can view his whole abilities on the official Dota 2 Heropedia:


A good DPS range Hero.

I will do a roundup of all of the most important changes regarding the new 6.80 patch update, stay tuned!

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