Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Next Update Will Be Awesome!

First of all, the playdotatwo team wants to wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best in the new 2014 :)
Before 2013 was over Dota 2 won some awards, later in this post, and some cool pictures were uploaded to the internet that have some secret goodies in them.
More info bellow!
Let us begin with the awards and than make our way to the secret goodies. 
Congrats to Valve, Dota 2 and all its players and fans for making Dota 2 the "GAME OF THE YEAR 2013" by Dota 2 won in the "Best PC Game" category. It was head to head with The Stanley Parable, GunPoint and The Swapper.

Moving on to the secret goodies and potential things that will come to Dota 2 in the next blog update!
On the 31st of December, Wykrhm posted an interesting picture on Facebook. Almost instantly the rumors spread as the picture contains 2 shadows.

The "Cast away the shadows of the past" indicates that the old Shadow Fiend model will be replaced with a new one, like Storm Spirits.

The right shadow resembles the down 3 models, and those 3 top are maybe the first items that will be released when he gets changed.

The left shadow looks like Abyssal Underlords (Pit Lord) concept art.

Click to view a large image

/r/dota2 was flooded with the images that Cyborgmatt posted on his twitter. He posted 2 images that reveal what is potentially going to be released in the next updated.

The first image is related to Wrath Night. In that update 5 Heroes were added to the new mode. Storm, Witch Doctor, Queen of Pain, Elder Titan and Templar Assassin. 
This picture however shows that they will not add new Heroes, but there will be a spell pool from where you can choose spells you want. 

The second picture is followed by an interesting post by Cyborgmatt. He states that: "Lots of progress has been made amongst a small group of dedicated developers, custom maps are almost there."

Click on the picture to go to his twitter status

Custom maps making tool is one of the wanted thing beside the Heroes. With custom maps Dota 2 will be more interesting in my opinion.

This is a map of the all favorite Pudge Wars.


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