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3 Meepo Heroes? ICEFROG confirmed! | playdotatwo.com

So, the creator of Dota 2, IceFrog, uploaded a very interesting cover photo on his Facebook fan page. The photo has a International 2013 green theme and shows off Seattle, but discoveres a very interesting thing.
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As we mentioned in the beginning of the post, IceFrog (creator of DotA and Dota 2) uploaded a very interesting photo on Facebook.

On that photo you can see 3 different Meepos, whitch might indicate that there will be 3 Meepo like heroes, meaning that there will be a Strenght, Agility and Intelligent Meepo hero.

Just like 3 Skeleton heroes (Pugna, Skeleton King and Clinkz) - Intelligent Strenght and Agility 

And just like the 3 Panda theme heroes (Storm Spirit, Earth Spirit and Ember Spirit) --IntelligentStrenght and Agility.

There is a possibility that there would be 3 Meepo heroes, but this isn't 100% legit.

Here are the pictures of them (leaked) in Valves office during "The International 2013" but there are 5 of them.

This is the original "Meepo" that is already in-game.

But this "Meepo" isn't in the game, and his name will be on the letter S
Storm Spirit, Spirit Breaker and Spectre have some portrait changes.

In-game place

This "Meepo" will be between Drow Ranger and Earthshaker, so his name will be between the letters D or E.

In-game place:

And what confused me is that there are 5 of them in a big picture in the Valve office (the picture is of all heroes) and than there are 5 Meepos.

Other two Meepos the first one, will probably be a name with R.
It looks like Riki has a bit of a portrait change as well.

In-game place:

And the last "Meepo" will probably be named on W.
Windrunner has a portrait change, too.

Sorry for low quailty

In-game place:

The Meepo pictures are taken from this video



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  1. over reacting and hyper analyzing

  2. the "leaked valve office" pictures look like they're just off the 2013 hero roster poster
    notice how all of the rows are filled out equally so it looks nice, putting 5 meepos seems to just be a cute way of doing this..not an indication that another 5 meepos are going to be added

    there's also a courier in there..does that mean the donkey is going to be a hero too?

  3. Arc Warden technically is "a Meepo hero" since he can duplicate himself for a brief time (and it's not an illusion).

  4. I agree with the 2nd anonymous who commented. The Meepos are just added there for comedic effect. It's FIVE Meepos, so maybe Valve was like "Hmm, let's use the other four Meepos to fill in the gaps." ...and yeah, there's a COURIER there. Does that mean a Courier will be a Hero too? You know Valve has a nice sense of humor, the extra Meeps are just for show.

    1. Also, Meepo is almost always shown with his clones, since that's what defines him. IceFrog posting a picture of three Meepos doesn't mean anything significant.

  5. Or maybe, the Meepos on that picture fills out the spot for the Unreleased Heroes. The Meepo between Drow Ranger and Earthshaker is most likely Ember Spirit or Earth Spirit.

    For the W, it's Winter Wyvern.

    Who knows.

  6. wait... 3 meepos ? one for each intelligence, strengh and agility ? like the skeleton trio ? and the panda trio ?
    three trios... HALF LIVE 3 CONFIRMED