Saturday, 17 August 2013

New Team Rosters |

After The International 3, there are expected changes in the teams roster. Of course this doesn't apply to all teams, just for those that had bad results on the International.

The internet is flooded with speculations and predictions, I was able to find some official and some unofficial informations regarding the changes.

-Confirmed News:
  • VP kicked 3 players from the team ( illidan , crazy and KSi.)
The change can be seen on the Dota2Wiki, too.

  •  Sneyking left / kicked from Dignitas.

  • iCCup released their DotA2 squad.
-New Team:
Maksim "Jackal" Doroshenok Ukraine
Roman "resolut1on" Fominok Ukraine
Andrey "Mag~" Chipenko Ukraine
Andrey "ALWAYSWANNAFLY" Bondarenko Belorus
Oleg "Wejustzik" Zinovenko

  • Arteezy left Team Kaipi for personal reasons.

  • Sylar leaving
Confirmed by Cyborgmatt [IceFrog]

-Unofficial News:

  • ChuaN left iG and most likely joining team Zenith.

  • Demon getting kicked from EG

  • *Artstyle joins Astana Dragons.

*No other images found.

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