Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The International 2013 Grand Finale Overview | playdotatwo.com

And so, the biggest E-sports tournament has ended, 9 days in the main event (Beynaroy Hall), 13 worlds best teams have competed against each other. And in the Grand Finals there were 5 awesome matches between Na`Vi and [A]lliance. There were also some "next level plays" (bottom of the blog post)
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Dendimom - Allstar Match

The world most payed tournament, with the prize of over 2.800.00 million USD!

In the Grand Finales, Na`Vi faced [A]lliance, who lost only 1 game in the whole International 2013 tournament. The tournament was broadcasted via Twitch.tv and in game via Dota 2 TV. Just on Twitch.tv was near half a million viewers and about the same amount was on the Dota 2 TV!


-All of the winners:

1st place
[A]lliance - world champions, they really proved their skill and won Na`Vi 3:2
First game won: [A]
Second game won: Na`Vi
Third game won: Na`Vi
Fourth game won: [A]
Fifth game won: [A]

2nd place
Na`Vi - were on all International tournaments
Won 1st place in The International 2011,
Won 2nd place in The International 2012
Won 2nd place in The International 2013

Other places

                                             3rd place                 4th place              5th place
                                               6th place                 7th place                8th place

There were lots and lots of Dota 2 fans watching the Grand Finale live from the Beynaroy Hall (full house) and were amazed with the plays of both teams.

"Next level" Dota 2!

There were some "next level" plays @ The International 2013 over the whole tournament, but in the Grand Finales there was this "next level creeps pulling" that caught my eye and I just have to share it with you!

In the second game between [A]lliance, Na`Vi went for a "Greedy" pick, they had the whole game, but Na`Vi Funn1k couldn't be on the lane, so he went to harass the enemy in their woods, he went there with his Hero (Gondar) with level 1 of "Shadow walk" and when the creeps spawned he went there and pulled them all the way to his woods! (From Dire Tier 3 to the Radiant woods)

                                                                 Here is the video
                                                   Na`Vi Funn1k pulling enemy creeps!

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